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Current events:

Support Elliot at the Herne Bay to Whitstable Half Marathon: Sunday 16th June 

This funding will go towards starting up Healthy Walks in Herne Bay, Thanet and more areas of East Kent! It’s hard when you have a mental health problem to motivate yourself to get out the house, sometimes just to get out of bed is a task. A brilliant help to combat this fresh air and people so we’re organising walks to de-stress and socialise with no pressure to talk, just walk! 

Groups to fund:

Hands on with Nature!

This group ran in 2018 and saw many attendees grow in their recovery, increase confidence and generally lifting our mood! We have raised half the funds needed for this group and hope to start it up again in September.

A comment from an attendee

“Hands on with Nature group has been a really amazing experience for me. It’s been really interesting to learn about conservation work that is done in the area and Martin from the Kentish Stour Countryside Partnership has been great at teaching us all about the area we live in and conservation techniques. It’s a great group for getting outside and getting stuck in to an activity. It can be a really physical day, but we can take it at our own pace, and it’s been a great way to get some exercise in. I feel so positive after being out with the group for the day and as a sufferer of chronic insomnia I find that I sleep really well the night after having group from all the fresh air and hard work.”

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